We are a family-run business. Mi casa es su casa!


Why Choose Us?

We had a dream… Ten years ago after watching a programme on Channel 4 called "No Going Back"

We decided to attempt to buy a chalet in Switzerland and run it as a catered ski chalet.

We as a family have been keen skiers for many years – in fact our daughter Olivia has been on skis since the age of 3.

After several inspection visits and meeting with UBS in Sion, we made the decision that the figures just did not add up, so it was put to bed. Until nine years later when resurrection came through an internet search and away we went again!

It took about six months of internet searching and a couple of visits to find the the place where we are now in the “Altiplano de Baza” or Spanish lake district – a stunning and more contrasting a place you will never find with skiing an hour down the road at the Serra Nevada, the most Southerly ski resort in Europe.

The property was a run down partial cave house, which has now been totally reformed but keeping it’s rustic Spanish feel. If you like the outdoor life and the beauty that Andalucia has to offer, come and join us – you will be guaranteed a warm welcome…

A little about us

In our little family there is Viv, Olivia and me, Ian. We have always been extremely hard workers in whatever we have done over the years. Viv and I have both been retail managers for huge companies. We have also spent seven years running public houses & restaurants. So both of us are heavily committed to customer service, which we both bring to our venture.

Our daughter Olivia has always been an excellent mixer and fitted into the Spanish way of life within a year, she has flourished at school and will soon be going to Spanish University, fluent and mistaken for a Spaniard.
She was Norfolk champion at gymnastics in the UK and has continued her love of gymnastics in Spain, winning many gold medals in competition.

Our lives have changed immeasurably, we no longer have to book time to be a family, and have rotating dinners, never being as one as a family.
We no longer have the stress of everyday life, the stress of life in the UK, as we have created our dream business. A home for us and for our guests, somewhere we can enjoy and ensure our guests enjoy too, in a beautiful area of Andalucia.

Cave Holidays Andalucia is flourishing and growing every year and we are extremely proud of what we have created as a family.