Beautiful sunsets

A stunning sunset in Los Carriones a few nights ago, something we experience regularly along with the amazing star lit skies. Sent from my iPhone Sent from my iPhone

A beautiful derelict Cortijo

An amazing trip to a derelict Cortijo near Orce, our daughter was filming for a music video there. The Cortijo was stunning, it was huge and included an inner chapel and crypt, a bit spooky. It was set in a … Read More

A trip to Lake Negratin

Beautiful Lake Negratin on a visit last week, with temperatures in the early 30s and no one on the beach, it is a great place to sunbathe, swim, have a picnic, take out a pedalo, have a lovely meal at … Read More

A visit to Velez Blanco

A great day out visiting Velez Blanco, only one hour from us in the province of Almeria. A beautiful drive through the Maria mountains to get there and definitely an hour well spent. The Castillo-Palacio (Renaissance Castle) that crowns the centre … Read More

Local Swimming Pools

We have a great selection of lovely swimming pools in the area, most of the villages have one. Our closest pool is 5 minutes drives away in Los Olivos, it’s  great and also has a restaurant which most of them … Read More

Orce Bronze age settlements

A beautiful drive up to El Cerro de la Virgen last week near Orce to find the site of one of the first bronze age settlements, there is also an archeological centre up there. It was absolutely beautiful in the … Read More

Super Moon

A great Photo our daughter Olivia took of the last Super Moon we had. It’s a fantastic view from of our night skies as we have very little light pollution – and we have  a great telescope to see the … Read More


It snowed last week here in Sunny Southern Spain!!! And what a great time for photos. There’s no denying we do get seasons either though our Summer season seems to last for nine months and luckily Winter is quite short. … Read More

From this to this!

  We have come a long way in 18 months, when we first set eyes on our caves and property they were derelict and in a squalid condition, but we could see through this and had a vision of what … Read More

Lake Beaches

A lovely day to visit the beach at Cuevas del Campo today on Lake Negratin – It is January but the weather was beautiful and it was deserted, this is one of quite a few beaches around the lakes in our … Read More