Bathing opportunities

Bathing opportunities

Bathing opportunities 

Some people don’t come and visit as they think because we are an hour and half from the coast there is no chance to enjoy splashing about in some water!

On the contrary, we have four amazing lakes on our doorstep surrounded by magnificent scenery, all with crystal clear water and some with restaurants sited near by or on the beach. Our biggest is Lake Negratin, absolutely stunning with a beautiful backdrop of fantastic soaring mountains, amazing beaches and even a chance to go out on a kayak or pedalo!

We also have some amazing local swimming pools, our nearest and I think best is only five minutes from us, huge like a natural lagoon. We also have two really great fresh water swimming pools in the area where you can swim with the fish! 

Of course there’s also our own unique timber plunge pool to cool off in too if you fancy just chilling at Cave Holidays Andalucia. 


Hi Janice.

I will send you an email with details of all the airports but our closest is Granada, 1 hour 20 mins from us.

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