Hot, Hot, Hot

Fantastic temperatures coming up this week reaching a high of 28c tomorrow, better slap the suntan lotion on, lets hope it continues. Its great to wake up to blue sky and the sun setting at about 8.30, Summer is tapping … Read More

Beautiful Blossom

What beautiful Almond blossom on our doorstep – Spring is here knocking on the door of Summer, wonderful views from our property.

Almond Blossom

Beautiful drive out To Maria today, and we saw lots of Almond blossom out on the trees, this is extremely early, its normally in six weeks time, but the weather here has been so mild with temperatures reaching 21c so … Read More

Local wildlife

We have lots of local wildlife in the area, the sheep go past daily with our local farmer. and there is many other animals nearby. Wild boar live in the hills, there is lots of different bird life including vultures! … Read More