Holiday Planning

Holiday Planning

I sometimes sit and think it would be nice to plan a holiday, especially during the tough times we have just been through. Then I say to myself hang on a minute what am I thinking!!!

Look at the beautiful location we live in, surrounded by peace, tranquility and simply stunning views. It’s like one long holiday where we are situated, amazing weather, plenty to see and do, although I quite like to just kick back and relax in our lovely garden looking over the panoramic mountains. 

Have you planned your holiday yet, check out our re-launch offers :-

We have some great discounts if you stay for 2 nights or more

Our price per night is 80€

Stay for 2 nights 75€ per night

Stay for 3 nights 70€ per night

Stay for 4 nights 65€ per night. 

Come on, what are you waiting for …………

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