Amazing walks in the campo

Amazing walks in the campo

During the relaxation of lockdown we have been able to explore our campo a bit further and go on some stunning walks immersing ourselves in the beauty of the scenery and the nature. There are many different walks to go on on our doorstep, we often turn left or right and do a bit of a loop, but this week we have been going straight up until the whole Altiplano and it’s mountain ranges open up to us. It is simply stunning scenery and something we take for granted but in the current situation we are appreciating our land a lot more.On these walks we never see another sole, just the odd lizard, beetle or butterfly! We are at the end of the Spring flower season but there are still some beautiful wild flowers out there. Spring and Autumn are the best times to go out for a stroll in the campo, the air is cooler, the sky is clearer, and the landscape is breathtaking. Lucky us x

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